All students are required to complete the following form to confirm their withdrawal from the program in Florence and to arrange for classes to continue remotely.


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I understand that as a result of this crisis, I am agreeing to the following conditions:
      • I am responsible for any costs associated with my departure (return flight, baggage check, airport transportation, shipping my luggage back home to the US, if necessary, etc.).
      • I understand that there is no guarantee that I will not be exposed to the virus while traveling to return to the United States.
      • I will vacate student housing on the date of my departure (if I choose to stay I do so at my own risk and must sign a waiver).
      • I understand that with the exception of the academic program, the Institute will no longer provide any on-site non-academic services in Italy after the program closure date.
      • I understand that all my courses will be taught remotely and I may choose to continue some or all (depending on my home university' policies) and that some assignments in the original syllabus may need to be adapted for remote study.
  • By signing my name and submitting this form, I agree to all of the terms cited above and confirm that I am the student named in this submission submitting on my own behalf.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY