The Ultimate Guide to Ice Cream Eating

Intercultural Communication Course Blog
Kady Hennessy, UConn
Charlotte Rowe, UVA

Everyone tells you, “When in Florence, eat lots of gelato!” This is great advice. However, we’ve discovered that there are certain tips and tricks to finding the best ice cream. Don’t fall into a tourist trap! Below, we’ve compiled our advice into a list to help you maximize your Florentine ice cream eating experience.


  • The displays should be flat or even covered instead of mounded up in an ornate way.


  • The colors should be natural. If they are really bright and unnatural looking, that means the ice cream is probably made cheaply with artificial.


  • Ingredients or preservatives. The tip we’ve received is to look for the pistachio flavor: it shouldn’t be bright green!


  • Look for seasonal fruits as flavors.


  • You usually get more in a cup instead of a cone.

  • Go out of your comfort zone to try flavors you haven’t experienced before. Some examples include Black Sesame, Nutella, and Hazelnut.