Irene Schiatti

100% Tuscan origins and proudly tied to the traditions of the territory, I have always been interested in the world of languages and Anglo-American cultures. I have a masters degree in Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Siena where, together with other Ph.D. students and professors, we have created a large digital archive of interviews in English of American expatriates in Tuscany.

I was a Visiting Instructor at the University of Rochester, NY, and during the last year of my master’s program, I realized that I wanted to work for Study Abroad programs at various levels.

This year will be my 15th year in this field. After different roles (Oklahoma University, Oberlin College, and the University of Rochester) I have settled at ISI Florence where I focus on mediation between cultures, and building relationships with institutions and the territory. Through my work, I am proud to give students the best experience our country has to offer.

Studying abroad is a crucial enterprise that shapes one’s future. I firmly believe that the more students are exposed to different contexts of Italian culture, the more they will return home with rich baggage that will enable them to grow personally and professionally. Learning to be flexible, reinventing ourselves, learning from each other, stepping out of our comfort zones, but also, and above all, not forgetting our roots, values, and traditions that make up the base of our culture… this is what I hope to pass on to my children as well as to my students.