Ilaria Gelichi

Ilaria was born and raised in Florence, where she got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a masters degree in Linguistics. She herself experienced a summer program abroad in Finland during her university studies. Like every Florentine, she is absolutely convinced that Florence is the most beautiful city in the world, but this doesn’t keep her from her love of traveling.

“Traveling helps you learn a lot. It opens your mind, because you get in contact with new cultures and people. You get to know new sides of your personality that you could not even imagine and sometimes you face challenges that make you stronger. I also believe that trying to speak a little of the local language is a plus when you travel. When possible, I try to do this because it helps you immerse yourself in the new culture and makes locals very happy. So, during your study abroad program in Florence, try to parlare italiano!”

Ilaria’s favorite sports are gymnastics (she practiced it herself and taught to little girls for many years) and skiing. Every winter she tries to find some days to go skiing in the fabulous Dolomiti in northern Italy. She also loves cooking – especially desserts, pies and biscuits – and organizing dinners with friends who are her “testers”.

“I discovered I was a pretty good cook some years ago and when I have time I like to try new recipes. Whether I’m abroad or just a few kilometers from home in the next region, I always try the local specialties. So if you need advice about food or have questions about traditional Tuscan dishes, I will be more than happy to help you!”