Student Life

Let me begin by saying that performing for the very first student concert in the ISI program was one of the most incredible and humbling experiences that I have had.  It strikes me that the appreciation of the arts is a more integral part of Italian than of American culture, and it is mostly for this reason that the concertgoers that I performed for were so engaged.  I chose to come study music in Florence because so much of what we do as guitarists today grew out of the Renaissance. Over the course of a few intense sessions, I studied music that was not only distinctly Italian, but also written for the Renaissance lute.  One particularly inspiring experience was the opportunity that I had a couple of weeks ago to perform for the world-renowned lutenist, Massimo Lonardi.  It was so valuable for me to be able to study this music in the land in which it originated while surrounded by the culture and traditions of Italy. This complete immersion served to enhance my understanding so much more than if I had simply learned the notes from the page.  My experience not only gave the music more meaning, but also context, which is something that I will strive to communicate whenever I perform these pieces for the rest of my life.

Brandon Fields, University of Colorado