Riccardiana Library guidebook

In the 2017 Spring semester, ISI Florence students Oliver Jersild (Penn State) and David Kirby (Roger Williams) volunteered for the prestigious Riccardiana Library. Located on the first floor of Palazzo Medici Riccardi (one of the most famous Renaissance buildings in the world) and decorated with Baroque frescos by none other than Luca Giordano, the Riccardiana preserves thousands of centuries-old manuscripts, drawings, and documents of various kinds. David and Oliver volunteered for this late seventeenth-century library by translating the some 50 pages of Dr. Giovanna Lazzi’s Italian guidebook to the Riccardiana into English. They completed this task (and in a most successful way, we are proud to add) under the supervision of ISI Florence director Stefano Baldassarri, as Dr. Fulvio Stacchetti (Director, Bilbioteca Riccardiana) acknowledges in his preface to this brand new publication.

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