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Authors:Ryan Duval, Brian Farrell , Leah Lattanzi, Amanda Phalon (UConn – The Pasta la Vista group)  

Getting lost: Florence Edition

Getting lost in Florence is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here in the city there are always landmarks that can guide you to where you need to be. The Duomo, the Arno,  Piazza della Repubblica, Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, and Piazza della Signoria are all great examples of landmarks that you will familiarize with.

We are going to tell you the story of how getting lost can help you find things you would’ve never found otherwise…

It all started when I was trying to find the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNL for short. I was running low on cash, most of us (students) know the feeling, and I wanted to avoid the fees of going to the (in)convenient cash exchange booths. My phone had died but I knew the general direction of where I was supposed to go so I just went for it. After wandering for quite some time, I realized that the signs for the bank were nowhere to be seen. I started to get nervous. However, I saw the Duomo in the distance so I knew how to get back. I decided to keep going and I ended up at what I later found out was the Mercato Centrale, or central market.

I was so happy that I stumbled upon this because I wouldn’t have known to go here on my own. Walking around had made me work up an appetite, but I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough money. I quickly realized that the market’s prices were reasonable and the food looked fresh and delicious. I was able to get by just with the coins in my pocket. This would never happen in America, since even farmers markets can be pricey.
After savouring delicious food, I was able to get home by using the Duomo and Piazza della Repubblica as landmarks. Although I did end up making it to the bank later in the day, I am so happy I found the market.

I now visit the central market on a weekly basis and I would have never done so if I hadn’t got lost in the first place. I took my roommates back and they all agreed that it’s a must-see. We love the fresh produce and quality food on the first floor (ground floor in Europe), as well as the food vendors on the second floor (first floor  in EU). Upstairs, you can relax and enjoy food with friends, or even take a cooking class! Who would have guessed that getting lost would have led me to find one of my favorite places in Florence. I definitely recommend you check it out!