Meetings on the Italian language at ISI Florence

October 4-15, 2021ISI Florence will be hosting a series of meetings on the Italian language at Palazzo Bargagli, coordinated by professor Claudio Manella and sponsored by A.I.L.A. (Trans: Italian academy for applied linguistics). 

The conference, “Viviamo l’Italiano”, will see the participation of students from the five continents who share a passion for Dante’s native language and for the growing interest in Italian culture around the world.  

Many enrolees are members of the literary circles that professor Claudio Manella created during the past year. The meetings will also provide the opportunity to discuss literature-related topics, but also strengthen participants’ grammar and expression skills.

It is a great pleasure to present this unique event, an important step forward after such a difficult year, and that once again reinforces Florence’s cultural dynamism and the highest level of its cultural offering.