Language Exchange

On October 26, 2016 the Italian Language Department (ISI Florence) and the Florentine Air Force Academy organized a meet up night in the grand hall of Palazzo Rucellai to have students from both institutions improve their Italian and English speaking skills, respectively. Once again, this initiative has proved most useful in terms of both culture and language exchange.
Precious support for the 2016 Fall Semester iteration of this event came from Serena Giorgi (Community Engagement Coordinator, ISI Florence) and Prof. Laura Baggiani (English Language, Air Force Academy Giulio Douhet, Florence).
David Marini, MA
Coordinator of the ISI Florence Italian Language Department



Here is one of the comments that our students exchanged on this experience:
“We really enjoyed talking to the cadets because we got to hear about their future goals and we practiced speaking in Italian. The Italians were extremely supportive, helping us whenever we didn’t know how to say something in their language”.
Nicole Palombo (RWU), Katie Mayne (RWU)