ISI study abroad: first steps of a brilliant career

It’s been four years since I first rode through the streets of Florence in a taxi, in awe of the Renaissance architecture, scared of the many unknowns that lay ahead of me. Small details were surprising: the abundance of mopeds, the cobblestone streets, the extreme proximity of each building to another, the smell of fresh baked bread, the loud and emphatic use of hand gestures, and the speed with which our small taxi zoomed through the even smaller streets. I think the most exciting thing about starting a study abroad experience is that no matter how much research you do before you go, nothing can fully prepare for the wonder of finding yourself lost in a foreign city, surrounded by strangers.

I recently started a similarly new and challenging experience. Two weeks ago, I began my first year at Harvard Law School. I feel humbled to have this opportunity, but also feel prepared to face seemingly anxiety-inducing unknowns because of experiences like studying at ISI. At the end of my semester in Florence, all the fears of that first taxi ride melted away into a better understanding of Italian culture, people, food and more importantly a better understanding of my own skills and limitations. I hope to heed the examples of that semester in my studies and future career.

Korey Roati