In Honor of Letizia Panizza

Organized by Prof. Simone Testa (ISI Florence), in collaboration with other scholars, the one-day symposium in honor of Letizia Panizza took place on May 11, 2018 at the Institute of Modern Languages Research of London, UK.  It gathered researchers of History, English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy, from a variety of national and international institutions, including RHUL, Cambridge, UCL, Birkbeck, King’s, the Norwegian Academy, Rome La Sapienza, and University College Los Angeles.

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The interdisciplinary conference looked at the role of women in early modern culture and society; religion and politics at the time of the Italian Renaissance and Counter-Reformation; reformed and heterodox politics and thought in the environment of Italian exiles and expats between the 16th and 17th centuries; as well as the relevance of libertinism to modern politics and thinking, the relationships between literature and religion and the classical legacy and political propaganda.

Simone Testa, Ph.D., ISI Florence