STEM Courses (iStudy)

  • Discipline(s): Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, STEM

  • Credits: 3

  • Instructor: iStudy Professor University of Mississippi

  • Course Type: iStudy Courses

Welcome to iStudy
iStudy courses are flexible one-on-one INDEPENDENT STUDY courses available online at ISI Florence. iStudy courses follow the ISI academic calendar which means they start and finish with your other ISI courses in Florence. ISI limits students to one iStudy course per semester.

Semester offerings in STEM
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics
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BISC 102 Inquiry into Life- Human Biology

BISC 104 Inquiry into Life – The Environment

CHEM 103 Survey of Chemistry I

CHEM 201 Environmental Chemistry I

CHEM 271 Biochemical Concepts

CSCI 103 Survey of Computing

CSCI 191 Office Applications

GEOL 105 Environmental Geology

MATH 115 Elementary Statistics

MATH 121 College Algebra

MATH 123 Trigonometry

MATH 261 Unified Calculus & Analytic Geometry I

MATH 267 Calculus for Business, Economics, and Accountancy I

MATH 268 Calculus for Business, Economics, and Accountancy II

ES 511 Applied Statistics

Guidelines for Participation
Enrolling in Online courses is easy. Simply indicate the course you need in the course selection form when submitting your application for admission. Once we have confirmed your admission and enrollment you’re all set! We will be in touch to provide the course guide and plan the schedule.

Please note that:
• Only one online course may be taken per semester

• Courses begin and end with the traditional ISI courses but you will be put in contact with your professor prior to arrival in Italy.

• It is your sole responsibility to get approval from your home university for the iStudy course if you wish to receive transfer credit. Syllabi and Instructors credentials are available.

• iStudy course carry an additional fee of $750.00 for one-on-one learning, instructional support and oversight.

• In addition to your course obligations, students must check-in with the ISI Online Program Coordinator as required throughout the semester.

Contact us ([email protected]) and we will be pleased to provide additional information.

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