SART 3404 Wearable Art: Non-traditional jewelry

  • Discipline(s): Fine Arts, Jewelry Design

  • Credits: 3

  • Instructor: Jennifer Wells

  • Course Type: Fine Arts

Course Description
This course focuses on the repurposing of found objects as well as the use of multiples to create sculptural, wearable works of art; jewelry. No previous experience with jewelry making is required, as technical demonstrations will be provided throughout the course. Students will be asked to think outside the traditional confines of what jewelry is and what it can be made from. Material explorations acting as samples to inform project development will be a large part of the course. Working with recycled and repurposed materials will present students with the opportunities to problem solve and explore materials. The final pieces are to be worn on the body, this may be interpreted in a variety of ways and students will be asked to challenge the traditional idea of how jewelry is worn.

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