Join us in Welcoming our Summer 2020 Interns!

This summer, we have three interns working remotely on various projects relative to the communication and marketing efforts of ISI Florence, as well as that of our sibling school, the Umbra Institute, through ISI Abroad.

In our excitement to welcome each one of them, we’ve asked them to briefly introduce themselves to the rest of our community:

Carly Mastrangelo (University of Connecticut):

What excites me about this internship so far is that I’m excited to learn more about social media and marketing in an experience-based learning opportunity. I’m interested in international communication and marketing because I love social media and communication, as well as traveling and learning more about different cultures. I believe that my internship will help prepare me for my future career because I will become more knowledgeable about the organization and analysis work of social media and the planning that is put in behind the scenes.

I was supposed to go abroad for the Summer 2020 session to ISI Florence and I hope to one day use my travel voucher from ISI Abroad to visit Florence soon!

Zac Caspersen (Clark University):

I’m thrilled to be able to continue my learning this summer remotely while still connecting with the ISI Abroad staff in Italy. This internship came as a pleasant surprise after my other opportunities that were planned months earlier were unfortunately canceled due to covid-19. This opportunity will give me valuable experience to bring into my masters and future career while also being a part of a great institution that has a lot to offer.

A future goal of mine is to work within the travel industry; possibly at a study abroad school, a travel agency, or even my own business. [Studying abroad in Italy] was an eye-opening experience that further pushed my love for traveling, culture, history, and food and my desire to spread knowledge of each. I believe it is important for people to have the opportunity to see and appreciate the world for the wonders that it has.  

Tatum Marino (Arcadia University):

I’m so excited to be able to involve myself with ISI again, as I studied at the Umbra Institute in Perugia for the Spring 2020 semester. I took part in their Digital Marketing class and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to explore it further, which I am now able to do through the internship working on similar projects and continuing my relationship with the program.

While I am interested in exploring many different aspects of communication and marketing, I am especially interested in content creation both written and visual. I love to spend time doing so in an international context because of my drive to travel and immerse myself in other cultures and I’m excited to see what I can bring to the internship and to be part of Italy again…even from afar!