A Lecture on African Colors, Fabrics, Patterns

On Tuesday, February 4, ISI Florence in collaboration with Black History Month Florence held an evening talk titled Colors, fabrics, patterns – African fashion as inspiration and identity statement.

With an introduction by Justin Randolph Thompson (Director and Co-Funder of Black History Month Florence), the guest lecturer, Dr. Francesca Passeri (ISI Florence professor of Intercultural Communication), discussed how African designers are contributing to the awareness about the crucial role that the continent plays in communicating its own identity.

African designers have in fact become a point of reference and inspiration for Italian stylists and Africa is thus no longer seen as final destination for consumption, but rather as a creative influence in the luxury fashion industry.

Fashion has become a way to fight stereotypes tied to Africa as “tribal and ethnic”; it has become a celebration of Africa and its growth and relative economic importance in the global market.

The presentation highlighted the Florentine styles who have been influenced by the colors, fabrics, and patterns of Africa that are contributing to the re-enforcement of the African continent identity.