American universities in Tuscany

On February 20, 2015 the Tuscany Regional Council  and Associazione Toscana Stati Uniti organized a conference titled “Le università americane in Toscana”. A large number of attendees were greeted by both local and U.S. authorities, including  Cristina Giachi (Florence Deputy Mayor) and Abigail M. Rupp (U.S. Consul General in Florence). Our Institute contributed to the discussion on American study abroad programs in Tuscany with lectures by Peter Fischer (History and Food Studies professor) and ISI Florence Director Stefano U. Baldassarri. The former focused on our  SFESP special track to offer an example of experiential learning linked to sustainable food and environmental systems in Italy today.  The latter illustrated the project of the “Tuscan American Festival” that aims at bringing together the U.S. university programs in the region, opening a dialogue with local councils and communities. The Festival, planned for the spring of 2016, will be sponsored by the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscany Regional Council.