Alumni News: The ISI Effect

Looking back at my undergraduate years, I count my time at the International Studies Institute at Palazzo Rucellai as one of the most illuminating experiences that I had. I attended the institute during the fall 2010 semester. While there, I was introduced to the abundant, masterful artwork of Florence, gained a deeper understanding of the European Union, learned Italian language, and studied classic works of Florentine literature. Each of these subjects is interesting in its own right. The opportunity to take the courses in Florence, however, gave me a more visceral connection with the material that I was studying. There is nothing quite like walking by seven architectural and artistic landmarks that will be on your art history test, while on the way to said test!

I recently graduated from Arizona State University and have been awarded the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey. While in Turkey, I will teach English conversation and American culture at a newly created university. My time at ISI Florence gave me the confidence to spend a year abroad, and also strengthened my Fulbright application, demonstrating my ability to integrate with a new culture. I would strongly recommend ISI Florence to any student that has the means to attend. It will prove an invaluable experience.

Korey Roati, ASU