The Marywood University Architecture Design Studio Elective Program


The Institute also collaborates with Marywood University in offering an architecture and architectural interior design program. Students students must have completed at least two years of architectural study and/or interior architectural design to qualify for admission in the program.


All participants are required to enroll in the following curriculum:

      • ARCH 410 Design Studio  (Fall Semester Only)
      • ARCH 320 Design Studio or IARCH 320 Interior Design Studio (Spring Semester Only)
      • Italian Language: The Florence Experience (4 credits)
      • Optional Electives (3 credits)

Students are provided with personal drafting tables and workspace for the duration of the program. The studio and context courses are taught by practicing architects and academics, and are designed to integrate classroom study with visits to churches, museums, monuments, and field trips to a variety of relevant destinations. Students end the program with a team project drawing from their unique experiences both in the classroom and across the “citywide campus” of Florence.