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Maryland in Florence – Physics

This is the first year with the Maryland in Florence – Physics program at the International Studies Institute. The courses, addressed to students majoring in Physics and Astronomy, are Waves, Electricity, Magnetism Laboratory (building an AM radio), and Mathematical Methods for Physics. As this is part of the Education Abroad experience, credits transfer back automatically


Lectures on Philo

ISI Florence, proud host and co-organizer of the 2nd edition of “Lectures on Philo – Study Conference” On October 10 and 11, Palazzo Rucellai and Palazzo Bargagli will play host to the 2nd edition of “Lectures on Philo”. Scholars from Italy, Europe, and Israel will lead the sessions. The closing conference will be held in


In Honor of Letizia Panizza

Organized by Prof. Simone Testa (ISI Florence), in collaboration with other scholars, the one-day symposium in honor of Letizia Panizza took place on May 11, 2018 at the Institute of Modern Languages Research of London, UK.  It gathered researchers of History, English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy, from a variety of national and international institutions, including RHUL,


Miniskirts and Burkas

In the recently published book “Dalla Minigonna al Burqa?” (San Paolo publisher), three women of different religions – Judaism (Shulamit Furstenberg-Levi), Christianity (Rita Torti) and Islam (Sumaya Abdel Qader), respond to five questions pertaining to the relationship between their religion and women: the questions touch on the marginality of women in religion; the attitude of


Moggi, the Florentine Jesuit Architect who Traveled to China

The commemoration of Ferdinando Bonaventura Moggi, artist and Jesuit missionary (Florence 1684 – Beijing 1761) took place on May 22, 2018 inside Santa Croce (Florence): a symbolic church for Christianity and a pantheon of Italian history and culture. With an abundance of observations, Prof. Claudio Strinati (video) presented the volume “Ferdinando Moggi (1684-1761) Architetto e


Beyond is Born!

  ISI Florence is excited to announce its first edition of “Beyond: The ISI Florence & Umbra Institute Studies in International Education”. After spending nine months collecting, editing and fine-tuning the numerous submissions, “Beyond” has been laid out, printed, and distributed. This in-house product is a collection of articles about education abroad and is not limited just to

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