NEW Fashion Studies Program


The newly-announced Fashion Studies Program means ISI Florence
takes the lead in bringing the world of Italian design to a student-centered learning environment!

With the world-famous fashion resources of Florence as a base, the program offers students from all backgrounds a unique opportunity to build a career in many aspects, learn the history and examples of finest Italian design genius, become a skilled fashion communicator writing for publications, visit workshops and ateliers, attend exclusive trade shows to meet leaders in marketing and promotion, and practice digital strategies for communication and multimedia arts.
Each semester and summer term, rotating classes in fashion studies will be offered as part of the entire range of the credit-bearing curriculum. Florence is the place to pursue fashion studies first-hand and experience the best of Italian culture known the world over! ISI Florence brings an unmatched perspective to immersion first-hand in the workings of the fashion world and steps away from all resources recognized as Italian craft and art. Fashion Studies is more than a program, it is a pathway to experiencing beauty where it begins.