On November 11-13, 2018 the annual Consortium Meeting took place at ISI Florence and brought together the study abroad office representatives of the following universities: Pennsylvania State University, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, and University of Virginia. During these three days, meetings were held to discuss important matters, such as new regulations applied to study abroad programs in Italy, enrollment procedure and stats, new courses offered at ISI Florence, and trends for the future.

The morning and afternoon sessions also included presentations of new projects and faculty-led programs, updates on the ISI Florence website and mobile App, news from the Student Services office, a report on Volunteering and Community Engagement, meetings with external consultants and ISI Florence faculty. All staff members shared their work through PPT presentations, photographs, and videos of both current and past semesters. A final session was dedicated to meeting students and receiving feedback on their study abroad experience.



The concluding event saw representatives enjoy a hands-on lesson on Italian cuisine held at Chefactory, a local professional cooking school. A relaxing evening, the ideal event to have time to mingle, and also the opportunity to try out an activity that ISI Florence offers to its students within academic courses and as an extracurricular activity.