Summer Program: Penn State HDFS


Traveling to Florence with the Penn State Human Development and Family Studies program has been absolutely incredible! ISI Florence is to thank for many of our exciting adventures. Every staff member has gone above and beyond to make our travels worthwhile. Professor Erika Bianchi, who teaches the Ancient Rome course, led us through the ruins of Pompeii and filled our brains with overwhelming knowledge. Irene Schiatti, Special Programs Coordinator, has generously been there for us to overcome any and all language barriers we encountered as we ventured into the Florence community schools to study early childhood in Italy, hands on. The list goes on and on… From meeting the housing staff members Lorenzo Pozzolini and Luigi D’Ingeo as they welcomed us to our apartments the very first day, to Miranda McDaniel, Student Services Assistant, helping us plan our free time each weekend, ISI Florence is filled with authentic, educated, and genuine people who have made me fall in love with this city!

Sarah Anderson, Penn State University