Housing & Meals

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You’re going to love your quaint and adorable Italian apartment. All ISI Florence students share accomodations with other students in the program. Apartments are within walking distance of Institute facilities, come with a fully equipped kitchen and communal living space, and have wireless Internet connection. Students will find plenty of grocery and convenience stores, Internet cafés, buses, taxi stands, laundromats, post offices, and restaurants within walking distance. The Student Services staff is available throughout the term to provide assistance navigating the city, and also to monitor maintenance and utility upkeep in the apartments.


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ISI Florence student life incorporates all aspects of study abroad, including academic study, social interaction, local festivities, and cultural immersion. Students take away wonderful memories and experiences, engaging fully with Florence and its inhabitants by using newfound language skills. Due to Florence’s well-established university population, Institute students can expect to mingle with Florentine peers in the countless public areas around the city.




Why not brush up on your cooking skills while living in Italy, culinary capital of the world? At ISI Florence, students are encouraged to cook for themselves. All apartments are stocked with basic kitchen utensils, and often students discover previously unexplored culinary talents while experimenting in the kitchen. If cooking isn’t for you, the Università di Firenze offers low-price cafeteria meals and is conveniently located in the heart of town. The ISI Florence student ID card is valid for discounts at many trattorias, pizzerias, and cafès around the city. After all, it is Italy: delicious food is never far away.

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