Erika Bianchi, Ph.D.

bianchiachiliportraitCourses taught at the Institute
Ancient Rome: Civilization and Legacy
Sport History and Culture


Ph.D. in Ancient History, University of Florence, 2004


Relevant Projects / Publications
Ancora su Eschine III, 252, “Dike” 5, 2002, 83-94;
Nota sulla morte degli oratori nel 322 a. C., “Prometheus” 30 (2), 2004, 129-38;
The Law of Eukrates: a “democratic trick?”, “Historia Antigua” 23, 2005, 313-330;
Plutarch and the Age of Demosthenes, “Ploutarchos”, forthcoming.


Teaching Philosophy
A historian (and her students!) cannot escape from dates and names, but I like to give my class something more than this. When I lecture, I try to focus on what students will remember of my class in ten years’ time… they will retain the basic concepts that have shaped also their society, life and culture. The true point of history is that of acting as a mirror for both our past and our future; I try both to help the students discovering that mirror they so often are unaware of, and to be helped by them to look at it from new perspectives.


 Most Rewarding Moments
1) Having my ideas challenged by intelligent questions and/or objections
2) Leaning out of the Capitoinel terrace and watching my students enthusiastically recognizing the monuments and buildings of ancient Rome’s landscape


Favorite Quote
If you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right (Henry Ford).